Kudos on neat update to home page map and a couple of ideas

Started by doudrick
almost 5 years ago

Hope I am not just noticing this after months and months of it being live, but I would like to give a pat on the back to whoever managed to get the home page map to look more 'real.' I have always loved the map and have enjoyed seeing the little yellow lines appear.

I also have two thoughts for (I think) neat features, one easy and one not so sure. The easy one would be to put total classifications on the home page kind of like individuals have a counter on their profile page. The other possibly very hard one would be a personalized map overlaid on the project map so we can see where our classifications have been.


almost 5 years ago

The sat map on the front page went live in the past week or two, it's quite shiny!

I agree that a global counter for classifications would be nice, though there is the question of what to display. Various zoo' projects have played with this, it depends on how subjects are served up and removed from the classification pool, how many classifications are required per subject, ect...

As for the second suggestion, you can see your last few(10?) classifications displayed on the map on your Profile page, which is close, just missing a few thousand blue circles. ;)

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