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Hi everyone,

after viewing some recent posts on the forum and recalling some of the great clips found by detectives in the past; I thought we could have a bit of fun by seeking out contenders for the Bat Detective Olympics :P

During your time classifying, if you find any clips that are deserved of a place in this unique event, just add them to this thread.

Initial Categories include:

#event1 Most elaborate Social Call

#event2 Longest Searching Call echo

#event3 Most bat calls in one clip

#event4 Loudest bat call

#event5 Steepest FM/qCF Searching Call

#event6 Steepest Myotis Searching Call (i.e. one that covers the most frequency bands)

#event7 Most faintest/barely audible Searching Call

#event8 Best Feeding Buzz

#event9 Weirdest find

#event10 Noisiest Insect Call

#event11 Most musical Clip

#event12 Mechanical noise that sounds most like a musical instrument

#event13 Most confusing bat-insect (suggested by quia)

#event14 Worst timing on a clip ending (suggested by quia)

#event15 Spookiest Clip (suggested by sylverone)

If you can think of any other categories, feel free to add them to the list. I think it's our duty to highlight the talent appearing in these abstract clips :D

To kick us off, here's a potential contender for Most musical clip ( "") and Mechanical noise that sounds most like a musical instrument ( "")

History awaits! :D

over 5 years ago

I's gonna be a great contest!

over 5 years ago

I've been so busy lately, with no time for bat hunting. Trying to find a place to stay on two weeks notice in a small city is stressful! But all work and no play makes... you know, I don't even know how that rhyme goes. Ahem. In any case!

I offer the categories 'Most confusing bat-insect' and 'Worst timing on a clip ending'

Some nominations of those clips that have stuck in my head.

Best Feeding Buzz

Worst timing on a clip ending -- Looks like a feeding buzz starting, many, many times louder than any one I've seen. Why oh why couldn't you just record for a little longer...

Weirdest Find -- I can't decide which! They're both so far out of the normal range of noises we see/hear here, and in my experience so far, completely unique in the data set.

Most elaborate Social Call

Most bats in one clip

Ahem. I have a few favorites.

Orion, you should come up with hashtags for the categories! Then we can tag objects with them, and come up with some communal 'best' collections.

over 5 years ago

some fun to come!

over 5 years ago

Hi quia. Hi bretarn. Sorry for not replying sooner. I was away on holiday and then had a small crisis to sort out on my return :/

I hope you managed to find a place quia. It must be hectic for you but it's nice to see that we haven't lost you from BD. That's a great set of nominations and I'm pleased you added that social call. It's certainly the most elaborate I've seen so far!

I really like those suggestions for new categories. I'll add them to the list. 'Worst timing on a clip ending' will provide some fun, and frustration :D

Fantastic idea about the hashtags. If anyone has any suggestions for shortening the categories for this purpose, they would be welcome. What do you think about assigning a number to each category?

over 5 years ago

Hashtag's really a great idea!

over 5 years ago

in Most faintest/barely audibleSearching calls: ( "") get some chance


over 5 years ago

:D Another great nomination!

over 5 years ago

Hi everyone,

with thanks to quia's suggestion, just to let you know that I've now assigned numbered hashtags to the categories in my first post, above. Now we can officially declare the Bat Detective Olympics open. :D

about 5 years ago

I'm not sure this quite falls in "weirdest clip" territory, but a mechanical noise in this clip sounds like a horse blowing air through its lips like they do:

In other news, long time no see! :)

Edit: There's more! I'd like to submit the following in the category "Spookiest Clip":

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