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I think we need to take a proper look at what the other projects are doing, now that we're up and running!


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Hi Scott, that is certainly something that we will be doing when classifying the species etc from the calls, but this may be a bit too tricky to do at this point! This is also half the reason why we provide the spectrograms as well as the recordings ... We'll have a think about if we can filter...

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I've just read through the guide, and I completely see your point!

'Normal' bat calls refer to the searching calls. Searching calls are the default call for bats, as they use it to explore their surroundings. The feeding calls are actually just like searching calls but they're emitted more...

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I have to admit that I've had a similar issue with clicking too fast through the calls and then missing a good'un! We'll have a chat about adding a 'previous sound' button. #suggestion